Twin Giza pyramid sculpture made out of scavenged maple branches from a fallen tree. 2017 

Twin Giza pyramid sculpture made out of scavenged maple branches from a fallen tree. 2017 

STARDUST ALCHEMY is a subtle energy arts and design studio. At the confluence of mystery, spirit and quantum theory, you’ll find our creations. We are opening a connection between the natural and energetic worlds through the use of crystals, plants and scientific phenomena. Our ultimate goal is to provide original tools, plant medicines and magic that are beautiful with a special energetic hum.

The force and creative director of Stardust Alchemy is Gabriel Gathmann. His work developed a fast following from his innovative and artistic orgonite devices and pyramids many of which are ground-breaking designs and original creations unseen anywhere else. Gabriel’s connection to the natural and spirit world are at the soul of his work and flow into his handcrafted creations before moving on to you. He came here to make.

Gabriel is a lifelong artist and worked as an art director/designer in the cut-throat field of advertising for a decade before experiencing a drastic change in his eyesight. He was able to exit the matrix and corporate grind and transition into a more rural location exploring the subtleties of the natural world. While some sensory systems were decreased, other sensations were heightened and this is when he focused his abilities to work with crystals, metals and plant energies. His life rapidly changed, yet the artistic drive remains and is seen in the various alchemical creations he makes.

Gabriel is currently in the Monroe, Washington with his two kids feeling blessed, inspired and open to collaboration.

"As of June, 2017 I've set my sites on a new studio space. I'm also very much interested in finding a property where I can be a caretaker of a home and the land. I'd like to create, raise my kids in a progressive way and give back to the land and dwelling with my time and energy. If you have such an offering, please contact me."


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